23 Luglio 2018

Nasce La School Of International Studies

The pressures attributed to globalisation as well as processes of European integration have determined a rupture with the traditionally previous forms of cross-borders interactions being replaced by a multifaceted phenomenon containing economic, social, political, cultural, religious and legal dimensions, all interlinked in complex fashion. This change has encouraged international lawyers and practitioners, policy makers and managers worldwide to change their perspectives to assume an international profile to be able to efficiently and effectively accompany international firms and institutions in such a changing environment.
The Master Programmes and courses offered by the LUM School of International Studies bring together participants from all over the world to prepare them for a successful international career in firms, institutions, multi-tier governments, markets, politics and NGOs. The taught Master courses are one-year, practical and design-oriented programmes suitable for talented graduates willing to gain a unique learning experience. The Master courses are all based on interactive lectures, live case discussions, field projects and group work which aim at developing project management, teamwork, problem-solving and communication skills to be able to start successfully their career in the private or public field.


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