Internship and Placement department

The placement department is a crucial office of the university, and it is dedicated to all students of University Masters willing to begin their working life with internships.

Suggested internships are in line with the student’s education and will be done in companies, public offices, professional studios, ministries, banks in our territory.

There is a number of services offered by the Internships and Placement department:

  • Knowledge and request of service;
  • Mediation between demand and supply;
  • Complete management of procedures to activate the internship;
  • Monitoring and control of the internship;
  • Broadcast of companies’ demands for professionals;
  • Continuous search for new contacts.



The agreement between LUM School of Management and ManpowerGroup, is another important piece of the School’s strategy for enhancing all participants and their entry into the job market.

This national and international agreement – as ManpowerGroup is an international group that can give opportunities in all countries – completes the work done in the last year; a work that led the School closer to about three hundred companies and institutions, both national and international, which contribute to promote internship and placement paths for students enrolled with courses and University Masters.


ManpowerGroup, via its partner Experis s.r.l, specialized in recruiting and training human resources, offers its collaboration to LUM School of Management with internship projects for University Masters’ students, that will be done as follows:


Individual interview

  • to share and explore soft skills, abilities and knowledge not included in cv, ambitions and expectations, and possible careers in line with today’s labor market
  • to identify local companies as ideal guests according to the field, specific training, structure and organization, growth and development perspectives
  • to check whether the student is available to do internships out of the region, considering locations according to the student’s preferences.


Identification of companies willing to guest interns

  • companies interested in young people with higher education, in generational turnover and soft skills
  • companies investing in Employer Branding
  • companies that have planned internship programs for the year
  • Presentation of the graduates to companies
  • submission of a short report about the applicant and his/her features
  • organizations of meetings with companies’ contact persons to enhance occasions of knowledge and collaborations