Villa Clerici

In the context of internationalization policies and globalization processes that are the core of LUM University, one of the strategic ambitions of LUM University’s School of Management is that of being an open and global School, an institution for higher education and research, living and working in a defined territory but with an eye always open towards confrontation and dialogue at a national level and, by now, at an international level.

Our School has taken this path because it is increasingly aware of incoming challenges. Proud of its history, its professionalism, its humanism that becomes a vision of contemporary life, LUM University’s School of Management continues to write its internationalization project.

Villa Clerici is a stunning place that you do not expect to find in the urban context of Milan.

Built between 1722 and 1733 from a design by the architect Francesco Croce, the Villa was commissioned by Giorgio Clerici to celebrate the social rise of his family, based on silk trade and prestigious political offices. Anton Giorgio Clerici continued the work of his predecessor and completed the construction of the Villa, gathering some of the greatest workers of the time to work in Niguarda: the same artists, and their studios, had decorated the city palace, including Giambattista Tiepolo and his school, whose well-preserved frescoes can still be admired today.

Address: Via Giovanni Terruggia, 8/14 20162 Milano

Hours: 9.30AM | 5PM

Phone: +39 02 35924611

Skype: International Studies LUM Jean Monnet


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