Lum School of Management

A road fifteen years long and only one reference: excellence

Together with University Masters and Advanced Training and Specialization Courses, the School offers important activities with a high scientific value: we promote many seminars and important conferences, we have designed and we realize the “Summer School”, which is an important occasion to meet and discuss the business innovation processes, we take part to experimental initiatives and researches with the main local players, belonging to both private and public fields.

In this process of development, many fruitful relationships with enterprises, public institutions and health authorities, Third sector and representative organizations are increasingly getting stronger. The School aims to be seen as a privileged partner by all these players, as it can offer skills and resources to collaborate with the productive, institutional and cultural sector, making the same effort every day in improving South and the Mediterranean area and allowing them to grow.

The School of International Studies

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School of Law

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The School of Business English

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Summer School

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Pluses of the School

The value LUM School of Management can produce

LUM School of Management's Campuses


Campus LUM

S.S. 100 Km 18 | 70010

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Villa Clerici

Via Giovanni Terruggia, 8/14 20162 Milano

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