Direction and coordination

Our professionals at your service for an unparalleled educational and training experience

This is our executive staff. A team of professionals at the head of our School. Divided according to areas and skills, all members of our management are at your disposal for any kind of request of information, for anything you might need for your life in the School and after the School. A well organized and solid team, made of people, ready to guide you in your training, leaving you all the pleasure of studying and growing. With us.


Francesco Manfredi

Direttore Scientifico

Francesco Albergo

Direttore Operativo

Planning Department

Vera Valente

School of Law

Adriano Carenza

Controllo di Gestione

Alessandra Ricciardelli

Public Policy and Governance

Alfredo Mele

Coordinatore school of law

Gennaro Gigli

Michele Rubino

Strategie Competitive

Angelo Rosa

Organizzazione & Human Resources Management

Domenico Morrone

Marketing Strategico e Territoriale

Raffaella Greco

Campus Milano

Legal Department

Ornella Falcone

Anna Plantone


Giuseppe Manta

Campus Lecce

Vito Peragine

Rosita Labarile

Loretta Riviello

Patrizia Lecci

Campus Lecce

Pietro Bonfiglio

Relazioni esterne Campus Milano

Digital & Communication

Giaky Degennaro

Minù Cassano

Nico Schirinzi

Responsabile Area Comunicazione

Francesco Giotta

Carlo Patruno

Placement department

Isabella Cannillo

Daniela Claudio

Federica Quacquarelli

Claudio Amato

Anna Maria Rago