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LUM University “Giuseppe Degennaro” and CIHEAM Bari are launching the international Master programme in “Open Innovation & Youth Entrepreneurship” with a specific focus on the digitalization of the main economical sectors of the region, in collaboration with LUM Strategy Innovation (spin-off of LUM University specialized in strategy and innovation), Almacube (spin-off of the University of Bologna specialized in open innovation), BUSINESSMED (main representative of the private sector with 25 Confederations of Enterprises from States members of the Union for the Mediterranean), UNIMED (network of Higher Education and Research Institutions in the Euro-Mediterranean region, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Western Balkans) and with the technical support of the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP), the Mediterranean Innovation Hub and national and international companies.

Companies involved

Partner companies will be involved in all modules of the Master programme, including project works (open innovation) and internship activities:

Andriani SpA, Greenblu, Planetek Italia, Putignano & Figli, Timac agro-Italia, Tersan.



This programme is designed to empower younger generations and improve their employability opportunities by promoting their active involvement in the economic development of their regions.


The Master course aims to train a new generation of innovation managers:

  • to enhance the entrepreneurial culture;
  • to contribute to the design, development, and implementation of innovative projects within enterprises and organizations (innovation managers);
  • to launch new business initiatives (start-ups);
  • to provide consultancy services to promote knowledge transfer by introducing business innovation processes and methods (innovation brokers).

Admission requirements

The course is organized into weekly units covering a total of 1500 hours (60 ECTS credits) – including 286 hours of face-to-face lectures and 132 hours of laboratory and project work with companies, complemented by individual and teamwork activities and more than 300 hours of internship at private companies. The working language is English. The lectures will be held in CIHEAM Bari headquarters in Valenzano (Italy).

The Master’s course objective is to train a new generation of innovation managers. More specifically, through applying a new mindset and new methodological approaches (Design Thinking, Lean Startup), students are accompanied through the creation, prototype development, and enhancement of innovative entrepreneurship ideas (new products/services for new markets), with a focus on the digitalization of the main economical sectors of the region and the agri-food field, from production chain to food consumption, health aspects and circular economy.


Training will focus on both technological innovation and social innovation for a new business generation. They will adopt a new approach in carrying out activities based on learning by doing with a strong interaction with startups and successful businesses that will be involved in all the modules of the Master programme.

Direction and coordination

Antonello Garzoni

Antonello Garzoni

Scientific director

Damiano Petruzzella

Damiano Petruzzella

Scientific coordinator

Marco Savorgnan

Marco Savorgnan

Scientific coordinator

Course Structure

  • The course is structured in two parts: the first part that provides participants with fundamental concepts to master the following subjects: Start-up & Entrepreneurial mindset, Business Model Design for continuous innovation, Agile Methods & Change Management, Agri-food Innovation, Social Innovation, Communication & Marketing for Startups.The second part (project works with companies) aims at helping students develop an innovative solution for a selected company using the Open Innovation process and the Design Thinking methodology. The internship phase is closely related to the activities developed during the project works and will be carried out at national and international companies.

    In terms of job placement, the Master course aims at creating the following professional profiles:

    1. Self entrepreneur
    2. Innovation manager: expert in the management of innovation processes
    3. Innovation broker: specialist in knowledge transfer between research institutions and



Graduation (minimum 3-year degree in any discipline).



Applications are open to candidates of any nationality. Candidates can apply online on LUM University website from November 10th, 2023 to January 14th, 2024. Applicants are invited to follow the online application procedures by clicking this LINK

To complete the application form you must:

  1. Complete the contents of all mandatory sections and subsections in the application;
  2. Check that all sections of the form have been correctly filled in;
  3. Submit the application.


To send via email (

You will receive a confirmation email after you’ve submitted the form.

To complete application, the documents below are necessary:

  • Motivation letter written in English
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certified copy of the University Degree
  • Copy of your passport/identity card

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Price and incentives

Price: € 8000

Tuition  fees amount to 8,000.00 €.


LUM University grants 20 full scholarships covering 100% of tuition fees, to candidates from Italy and other EU and non-EU countries. Scholarships do not cover any expense for travel, accommodation and food for students. Selection of students is based on 1. Curriculum Vitae; 2. Motivation letter. The applications for the scholarships will be evaluated in order of receival of the full candidature.


With the support of “Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca” from the funds of art.14-bis of the Law Decree n. 152 of the November 6th, 2021, converted with modifications by Law n. 233 of the December 29th, 2021, “Patti territoriali dell’alta formazione per le imprese”.

Our educational offer is complete, and it grows year after year with contents that are consistent with the needs of companies and of the job market.

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