25 January 2024

Global Innovation: partnership between Corporations and Startups.

In the global landscape of corporate innovation, Global Innovation has emerged as a crucial and effective paradigm for expediting the development and adoption of new technologies and solutions.
It is evident that collaborations between large corporations and startups not only increase innovation and growth, also energize a beneficial match of knowledge, creativity and stability. For established companies this represents an access to new ideas and technologies provided from startups, in the meanwhile for startups it means acquiring additional resources and growth opportunities offered by set corporations of tradition and history. This model represents a promising path for future innovation, entailing the exchange of knowledge and resources amongst companies of various entities to ensure substantial progress in terms of digitization and sustainability.
The fusion of leadership and talent is a combination which transforms business models into innovative structures, establishes conditions for overcoming and enduring industrial, economic and social revolutions. Open innovation transcends being merely an agreement for economic growth, instead, it symbolizes a cultural change for companies. The challenge is increasing this external innovation represented by startups while preserving a delicate balance between corporate structure and creative freedom, a scenario in which our Country can and should assume a pivotal role.
Our Master in International Business and Global Innovation, MIBGI, is a first level university master delivered in English and designed to train professionals engaged in the international business, who can creatively interpret the new dynamics of technology and contribute to the international development processes and Digital Trasformation between medium-large sized companies and innovative startups.


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