24 January 2024

Between fashion and professional training

On January 16, 2024 the Milano Fashion Week Menswear F/W 2024/25 came to a close, marking an event that witnessed a more authentic and revolutionary language compared to a recent past characterized by a traditionally elitist vision. Inclusivity was the keyword for this edition, highlighted by the evocative advertising campaign that captured the true essence of the city of Milan. Images taken in the M3 subway projected a new concept of fashion, making it tangible and accessible to all, emphasizing that fashion knows no bounds, it is all over the streets and urban spaces.
Digitalization emerged as another distinctive element of Milan fashion week. Prestigious fashion companies revolutionized their approach by embracing streaming on the Camera della Moda platform. This digital step allowed a global audience to partecipate in the runway shows, creating a connection that transcends physical boundaries. It is a perfect example of how fashion is reaching an increasingly wide audience. In a world were the fashion business engages an ever-diverse audience, companies of this field require increasingly skilled and competent professionals. The Master in Made in Italy, Fashion and Luxury Management plays a significant role in shaping the creative and entrepreneurial minds destined to influence the fashion environment in Italy and worldwide. This underscores the importance of high-quality education in the fashion and luxury sector. The MILF, Master in Made in Italy, Fashion and Luxury Management, offers a comprehensive educational and professional path that opens concrete career opportunities in a stimulating and international context. With a complete program divided into lectures, seminars and internships activities, our master positions itself as a key route for those aspiring to excel in the dynamic world of fashion and luxury.


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