Master I livello A.A. 2019-2020
International Business in China

Learn & Practice: a truly transforming experience in Shanghai


Master universitari 1 livello
€ 12.900,00
The programme of this one-year Master in International Business in China (MIBC) intends to provide graduates with a comprehensive and critical understanding of key issues in international business and economic development, as well as valuable perspectives on China’s economies and multinationals. Its ultimate objective is to prepare participants with strong skills for a successful international business career in Asian markets, more specifically, in the development of projects and partnering relationships between Italy and China. Facing the profound global transformations, the Chinese economy represents the point of reference for Italian firms both for its processes of commercial expansion worldwide and its management strategies for production’s delocalisation. Also, due to the greatest interest that the most important Chinese corporations show towards Italian firms which are often object of acquisition and partnership. In this realm, this Master stands as a real tranforming experience for newly talented graduates willing to gain a comprehensive understanding of global business and a deep insight into China’s dynamic business environment as well as knowledge about China’s history, culture, law, and policy. The program is designed to equip graduates with a mix of analytical and problem-solving business-related skills with a very strong emphasis on relevant international challenges and emerging issues in international business. The Master, entirely taught in English, aims to provide students with a cutting-edge education, with both advanced knowledge and practical sense of Asian management models, creating a community of diverse culture. Click here to download the General Information Guide on the Selection Process
direzione e coordinamento
Antonello Garzoni

Direttore scientifico

struttura del corso

The Master programme is divided in two phases: the first one is held in Milan and focuses on international business issues and cross-cultural management in Asian markets.

The second phase considers an internship programme in Shanghai, which combines a specialising programme with a strictly personalised traineeship guaranteed to all students. For participants lacking an economics background, there is the opportunity to attend classes in Business Administration and Accounting.

The programme fee includes three months in Shanghai. It also includes a return journey to Shangai and accommodation in Shanghai in a single room.

The Master programme amounts to 1.500 house overall, split into teaching, seminars and traineeship activities and are divided as follows:

  • 420 hours of lectures
  • 710 hours divided into:
    • 510 hours of individual study
    • 200 hours of tests, conferences, labs, etc. etc.
  • 370 hours of internship

The content:

  1. International Business Management (Milan)

– International Strategies

– Business administration & Accounting

– Global Economics & International Finance

– Human Resource Management

– Entrepreneurship and Startup Management

  1. Focus on China (Milan)

– Managing in the ASIA Pacific

– Cross-cultural Management

– International Business Law

– Digital Marketing & Social Media Communication

– Supply Chain Management & Logistics

– Fashion, Luxury and Made in Italy

– Professional Services for Internationalization in China

  1. China Culture Immersion (Shanghai, Cina)

– Chinese Language

– Business Orientation in China

  1. Internship in China (Shanghai, Cina)
  2. Project Work and Final Dissertation (Milan, Italy)

totale 1500 ore

The Master in “International Business in China” welcomes international recent graduates from a variety of study disciplines and cultural backgrounds. This ranges from those with no professional experience looking for a degree programme that acts as bridge to the real world as well as candidates with up to two years of professional background who seek in-depth knowledge of how theory applies to the real world.

A proven fluency in English (the instruction language) is required.

crediti formaitivi
The Master provides students with 60 ECTS credits.
informazioni aggiuntive

È prevista una riduzione del 10% per i laureati dell’Università LUM Jean Monnet.
Il Master è finanziabile con il programma di borse di studio “Pass Laureati” della Regione Puglia.
È stata sottoscritta tra Lum School of Management e Deutsche Bank una convenzione per il finanziamento a copertura della quota di iscrizione del Master.
Con Decreto Ministeriale 29 aprile 2016 n. 288 , “Spesa massima corsi di istruzione per le Università non statali di cui all’art. 15, comma 1, lettera e) del D.P.R. 22 dicembre 1986, n. 917”, il Ministero dell’Università ha reso noti gli importi detraibili da indicare nelle dichiarazioni 730 o nel Modello UNICO. La spesa massima riferita agli studenti iscritti ai master di primo e secondo livello è pari ad € 1.800.

moduli di iscrizione
sedi di svolgimento
MIlano | Febbraio 2020
Termine iscrizioni
febbraio 2020
Inizio lezioni
febbraio 2020
Fine lezioni
gennaio 2021

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