Master II livello A.A. 2018-2019
School Management and Leadership


University Masters
€ 6.000,00
The aim of the MADIS course is to implement professional skills necessary to carry out the role of the Principal in the scenario of a global and multicultural society. In particular, the Master aims to provide knowledge about the current regulatory framework, leadership models, organization and management (planning, design, resource management, safety), educational leadership and management competence within the field of educational institutions. This theoretical-practical training course is shaped according to the topics featured by the announcements to access School Management. The MADIS can be considered as the “fast track” to access school managing, and it actually follows the steps necessary to successfully pass the competitive exam (simulation tests about the pre-selection exam; guided individual study linked to the elaboration of essays about the Italian and European school system, managing models for complex organizations, specific law-administrative, financial and communication areas; case study about school management with a particular care about leadership strategies; simulations about practical interdisciplinary interview).
direction and coordination
course structure

The course lasts 10 months and the total hour amount is 1500 hours (lessons, seminars, individual study, stage, final project, tutoring).

Attendance is compulsory. Students must attend at least the 70% of the total hour amount.

Are scheduled as follows:

Frontal teaching: 360 hours

Tutored and individual study: 700 hours

Project Work – Stage: 350 hours

Seminars: 50 hours

Frontal lessons will take place on Wednesdays and Fridays form 2 pm to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.


The Master is structured in 11 modules that can be summarized as follows:
Module 1 – The Educational System Reform
– The European education policy
– European school systems
– The Italian educational system reform of the “1st and 2nd cycle”
– Compulsory education

Module 2 – The role of the Principal in the current scenario
– Changes in the Public Administration
– The reform of the “Titolo V della Costituzione”. Horizontal and vertical subsidiarity
– Profile, role and function of the Principal
– Auditors’ report management

Module 3 – The Pedagogy of learning
– Teaching planning
– The customization of teaching courses: inclusion, integration and differentiation
– Orientation
– Use of digital language

Module 4 – Juridical-administrative framework
– Evolution of the concept of legality
– The administrative procedure in the recent legislative reforms
– Old and new responsibilities of the Public Administration
– The administrative measure.
– Elements of administrative justice

Module 5 – Service and activity management
– project management
– project management tools
– The Total Quality Management in Schools
– Elements of change management
– the E-governance to renew procedures

Module 6 – Administrative-accounting management
– Financial autonomy
– The annual program
– budgeting

Module 7 – Evaluation
– external evaluation activities in Europe
– external evaluation activities in Italy
– Self-evaluation
– Principal evaluation (SI.VA.DI.S)
– students evaluation L. n. 517/1977 al D.P.R. n. 122/2009

Module 8 – Communication and leadership

Module 9 – Safety at school
– Safety, prevention and protection: obligation, procedures and individuals

Module 10 – E-Governance for schools
– Grp (Governance Resources Planning)
– BI (Business Intelligence)
– Computerization of proceedings
– Document recording
– Mobile&GSN (Governance Social Networking)

Module 11 – Foreign Language
– Principles of English for school management

Who can benefit from this course
The MADIS is designed for principals, aspiring principals.

The course features an apprenticeship period at an educational institution.

Final Exam
The final exam consists in the production and discussion of a case study about School Management with particular care about leadership strategies.

totale 1500 hours

I destinatari del Master sono dirigenti scolastici, aspiranti dirigenti scolastici, docenti responsabili di progetto, coordinatori di dipartimento, di commissione e di classe, coloro che hanno funzione organizzativa e di tutoraggio, funzionari e dirigenti del Ministero a livello regionale e nazionale.

L’ammissione al Master è subordinata al conseguimento di una laurea di II livello o titolo di studio estero equipollente, in discipline economiche, tecnico-scientifiche e quantitative, giuridiche, umanistiche e socio-politiche. Possono partecipare alla selezione anche coloro che sono candidati a conseguire il titolo di studio richiesto, a condizioni che conseguano tale titolo entro la sessione straordinaria dell’A.A. 2017-2018 (marzo 2019). Tali candidati saranno ammessi con riserva e potranno perfezionare l’iscrizione al Master solo successivamente al conseguimento del titolo.

formative credits
At the end of the course and after the evaluation of the project work, students achieve the Master Degree in Management and development of Peace and Security plus 60 CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari).
In order to obtain course credits, students must pass the intermediate exams and discuss the project work.
La frequenza è obbligatoria nella misura di almeno il 70% delle lezioni.
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