Master 1st level A.A. 2018-2019
Innovation, Retail & e-Marketing


University Masters
€ 5.500,00
An innovative course carried out in very close contact with companies. This is MIREM, our Retail & Marketing Management Master Course. A specific training that aims to give, after one year, techniques and tools used by modern companies that look forward to innovation in production, to the evolution and national and international markets. A detailed focus on retailing, fundamental element of any commercial strategy.
direction and coordination
course structure

The course lasts 1.500 hours structured as follows:

Frontal lessons: 400 hours

Tutored and individual study: 700 hours

Project Work – Apprenticeship: 350 hours

Seminars – Case debate: 50 hours


The MIREM is structured in 5 modules:

– Fundamentals of marketing management (competitive strategies, marketing, business organization, accounting, quantitative methods for business decisions);

– Sales & trade management (sales and key account management, trade marketing, logistics, communication and corporate image);

– Retail management (retail marketing management, distributional formats, merchandising, programming and monitoring of the sales point, people management);

– Innovation management (web marketing tools, internalization strategies, business planning, business innovation management);

– Project work.

The course features study tours that will give students the chance to “touch with hand” the experience of eminent managers from partner societies.

totale 1500 hours

The MIREM is designed form newly graduates and professionals that work in the fields of marketing management and distributional marketing of small and big companies. It is also designed for students with different training backgrounds that want to start a managerial career in the field of marketing.

formative credits
Il Master consente l’acquisizione di 60 CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari).
L’acquisizione del titolo di Master consente l’iscrizione al II anno della Laurea Magistrale in Economia presso l’Università LUM Jean Monnet.
Attendance is compulsory for at least the 70% of the total amount of hours. Students will be examined in order to receive course credits and, at the end of the course, the Master Degree.
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Fax.: 080 4577950
additional info

È prevista una riduzione del 10% per i laureati dell’Università LUM Jean Monnet.
Il Master è finanziabile con il programma di borse di studio “Pass Laureati” della Regione Puglia.
È stata sottoscritta tra Lum School of Management e Deutsche Bank una convenzione per il finanziamento a copertura della quota di iscrizione del Master.
Con Decreto Ministeriale 29 aprile 2016 n. 288 , “Spesa massima corsi di istruzione per le Università non statali di cui all’art. 15, comma 1, lettera e) del D.P.R. 22 dicembre 1986, n. 917”, il Ministero dell’Università ha reso noti gli importi detraibili da indicare nelle dichiarazioni 730 o nel Modello UNICO. La spesa massima riferita agli studenti iscritti ai master di primo e secondo livello è pari ad € 1.800.

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Registration deadline
19 Novembre 2018
Lesson starts
11 gennaio 2019
Lesson ends
6 dicembre 2019