Master I livello A.A. 2018-2019
Corporate and Real Estate Finance


University Masters
€ 6.000,00
The MACREF Master Course is designed for those who are looking for a complete training course about corporate finance tools and financial market: businessmen of small and medium-small companies and their colleagues; financial intermediaries that want to develop a strong functional competence and that want to develop their skills; estate agents that want to confront themselves with the latest real estate finance techniques, newly graduates that want to continue their career in the field of  management consulting of corporate management. Our commitment is to work on people’s talent in order to give them the opportunity to grow both on a professional and personal level through and engaging and stimulating learning course based on case discussion, teamwork, economic and financial simulations, business game, application of the new knowledge in reality.
direction and coordination
course structure

The course feature the activation of the following advanced courses:
o Real estate finance II
o Subsidized loans
o Entrepreneurial finance and operations on the capital
o Corporate financial risk management
o Project finance and finance of infrastructure
o Mergers & Acquisitions
The course features apprenticeship periods with the partner societies, in order to give students the chance to apply their knowledge to real estate and financial projects.


The course feature 400 hours of frontal lesson and 350 hours of apprenticeship. It allows participants to keep on working – financial and estate operators, managers, professional – or to look for a job that has to do with the contents of the course – individuals that have little or no experience.

In fact lessons are on Fridays (from 9 am to 6 pm) and Saturdays (from 9 am to 2 pm). The course is structured in learning modules that focus on specific topics.

– the aim of the core courses is to focus on principles, models, tools and techniques of modern corporate and estate finance. In particular, the contents are: Accounting and balance sheet, Financial analysis, Financial management, Capital budgeting and investment analysis, Corporate banking, Capital Markets, financial derivative, Credit Risk, Business evaluation, macroeconomics, Real estate finance, quantitative methods, financial modelling and databases, Business English

– the distinctive courses are advanced courses that focus on the connection between theoretical notions and operating/professional practice. Such practical courses are designed according to the characteristics of the local economy and of the financial needs of the local companies.

totale 1500 hours

To attend the MACREF it is necessary to hold a first level degree (D.M. n. 509/99), a second level degree (341/90) or any equivalent qualification (foreign students) in the field of economics, technical-scientific, law, human and political sciences. Students that are going to graduate can register but they have to achieve the degree within the A.Y. 2013-2014. Such students will be accepted under reserve and will be able to complete their registration after they complete their first level degree.

formative credits
Il Master consente l’acquisizione di 60 CFU (Crediti Formativi Universitari).
L’acquisizione del titolo di Master consente l’iscrizione al II anno della Laurea Magistrale in Economia presso l’Università LUM Jean Monnet.
La frequenza è obbligatoria nella misura di almeno il 70% delle lezioni.
Tel.: 080 6978224; 080 6978204
Fax.: 080 4577950
additional info

È prevista una riduzione del 10% per i laureati dell’Università LUM Jean Monnet.
Il Master è finanziabile con il programma di borse di studio “Pass Laureati” della Regione Puglia.
È stata sottoscritta tra Lum School of Management e Deutsche Bank una convenzione per il finanziamento a copertura della quota di iscrizione del Master.
Con Decreto Ministeriale 29 aprile 2016 n. 288 , “Spesa massima corsi di istruzione per le Università non statali di cui all’art. 15, comma 1, lettera e) del D.P.R. 22 dicembre 1986, n. 917”, il Ministero dell’Università ha reso noti gli importi detraibili da indicare nelle dichiarazioni 730 o nel Modello UNICO. La spesa massima riferita agli studenti iscritti ai master di primo e secondo livello è pari ad € 1.800.

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19 Novembre 2018
Lesson starts
23 Novembre 2018
Lesson ends
Ottobre 2019