Corso di Alta Formazione
Foundation Year


Advanced training
€ 5.500,00

The Foundation Year is a study program held in English and aimed primarily at candidates who do not have the minimum education requirements required by current legislation for matriculation to Italian universities. The frequency of the "Foundation Year is mandatory for the duration of the course. In order to obtain the final title it is necessary for the student to accumulate all the credits required by the training course attended. Candidates who successfully complete the FY course will be able to apply for a three-year undergraduate program or to use it as a preparatory course in order to attend a Master course at the University LUM Jean Monnet.

direction and coordination
course structure

The course is divided as follows:

Business Administration                                                72  hours

Economics e Geopolitics                                               72 hours

Marketing and Social Media 36 ore                              36 hours

English and English for Academic Purposes                40 hours

Italian and Italian Culture                                               60 hours



Business Administration 12 CFU
Economics e Geopolitica 12 CFU
Marketing e Social Media   6 CFU
English and English for Academic Purposes 7 CFU

totale 280 hours

Candidates possessing the following requisites may apply for admission to the FY path.

  • foreign high school diploma obtained after 10 or 11 years of schooling;
  • US High School qualification where there are no APs (Advanced Placement courses) required for enrollment in accordance with current legislation; In particular, Italian citizens holding the High School Diploma (HSD) qualification may be admitted to the FY.
  • knowledge of English at B2 level (recognized international certifications or high school attendance in English).
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additional info

• Application form• Transcript of records related to the last year of high school attended• Original high school title (or certified copy) * officially translated into Italian, legalized or with an “Apostille” stamp with relative “Declaration of value” issued by the Italian diplomatic mission responsible for the legal system to which the foreign title belongs.• Valid identity document (for non-EU citizens a copy of the passport).• Residence permit and a photocopy or copy of the postal receipt stating the submission of the request for release• Receipt of payment of registration fees * The candidate who has not yet obtained the high school diploma at the time of the application for admission must submit, in temporary replacement of the documentation specified in point 4), a certificate issued by the school to which he / she belongs. of student and the orientation date of the future obtaining the diploma from the same.