Foundation Year

The Foundation Year is a study program held in English and aimed primarily at candidates who do not have the minimum education requirements required by current legislation for matriculation to Italian universities. The frequency of the “Foundation Year is mandatory for the duration of the course. In order to obtain the final title, the student must complete all the credits required by the training course attended. Candidates who successfully complete the FY course will be able to apply for enrollment in a three-year undergraduate program or apply it as an introductory course for attending a Master course at the Jean Monnet LUM University.

Candidates with the following requirements may apply for admission to the FY course:

-foreign high school diploma obtained after 10 or 11 years of schooling;
-US High School qualification where there are no APs (Advanced Placement courses) required for enrollment in accordance with current legislation; In particular, Italian citizens holding the High School Diploma (HSD) qualification may be admitted to the FY.
-knowledge of English at B2 level (recognized international certifications or high school attendance in English).